Best Marketing and Design Memes This Month

The information age brought in by the advent of the internet has us over exposed to everything good and bad with the world. No wonder this generation of young adults is always anxious. But lo and behold memes! It is only fitting that our coping mechanism resides in social media pages, be it tackling a crippling pandemic, or just the daily grind faced by marketers and graphic designers worldwide. To alleviate your creative blues, we bring you Simplified’s monthly rundown of the funniest marketing and graphic design memes. After a long day of content creation sigh this list is the perfect way to kick back and enjoy some memes that hit closer to home than you would expect.

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1. It’s that easy… Isn’t it?

If this isn’t working, and hear us out on this, think about hiring a professional? Digital marketing isn’t a one-off thing. In fact, digital marketers spend hours scouting continuously evolving trends, doing keyword research, and more. This marketing meme celebrates all those unsung heroes.

Source: Pinterest

2. What is this sorcery?

So, you’re saying that focusing the ad towards the target audience, assimilating optimized keywords, and spending dollars had worse results than organic campaigns? We’ll be sitting in a corner and crying, thank you.

Source: ABP Infotech

3. I am my greatest friend.

Someone needs to get the ball rolling, and there’s nothing wrong with a little self-love. Are we right?

Source: Twitter

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4. Painting A Rather Colorful Picture

Agreed, this is not a graphic design meme but it is hilarious regardless. This firm called for graphic designers using Paint MS and we stan this ingenuity. They also garnered a lot of praise over the Internet for this funny call for graphic designers.

5. You think this happens every day?

A toast to all the social media managers among us, sitting in a corner at big family dinners, holiday feasts, and even dates posting content. Our heart goes out to you and we thank you for your service.

Source: Twitter

6. Wow Kevin! You’re a genius.

Guilty as charged! Surely, we have all faced spells of zero creativity. It can be hard to think of interesting content and inspiring think pieces regularly. Raise your hands if you’re a content marketer and relate to this marketing meme as well.

Source: Hook Agency

7. Final-final-final-final-final…

Boy, the struggle is real. This graphic design meme hits right where it hurts. We wish you good fortune and a merry two iteration project.

Source: Instagram

8. No one’s judging the book by it’s cover.

Copywriting is the most important tool in your arsenal. Lately, brands have been trying to get on the bandwagon of trendy and modern web designs without paying much heed to the content. If your website is your sales machine, then content is the gears.

Source: Rapid Web Launch Blog

9. You get the ad, you get the ad, everyone gets the ad!

Hello, have you heard of segmentation?

Companies nowadays spend time chasing people who are unlikely to buy their products instead of focusing on their ideal buyers. It is important to realize that you can’t be everything to everyone in marketing. Create your ideal buyer persona and thinks of innovative ways to convert them into your customers.

Source: Twitter

10. No, it can’t always be Helvetica.

The fonts you choose dictate the identity of the brand. There is a plethora of choices, and your bias for some fonts definitely don’t make the job easier. So, if you see a designer scrolling aggressively, don’t worry, they’re probably just trying every single font at their disposal.

Source: Instagram

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Some Other Marketing and Graphic Design Memes

Source: The SMM Hub

Source: ABP Infotech

Source: cgfrog


We hope that these marketing and graphic design memes were funny and tickled your funny bone. Whether you’re enduring a creative block or just exhausted by the stress of long task lists, remember to take a break and laugh. After all, your creativity is a direct product of your well-being.

Don’t forget to share your funniest memes with us in the comments below!

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