In today’s tech-heavy society, we can all relate to having our email inbox flooded with monotonous information day after day: calendar reminders, emails from your boss, invites, the list goes on. It can be challenging to venture into email marketing when there are so many brands vying for your attention. But the right email marketing strategy and an eye-catching design can keep your emails out of the spam folder and into the inbox!

So we have created our Simplified guide to making an email newsletter worth subscribing to!

How can email marketing can help your brand grow?

email Marketing guides

(Credit: Lucie Bajgart) Unique but consistent designs give your brand a distinct identity!

As many as 87 percent of marketers use email marketing to disseminate their content (Content Marketing Institute, 2019). This makes email the third most popular distribution channel, just behind social media at 91 percent and the company website or blog at 89 percent.

Email marketing has been around for quite some time, but with the proliferation of smartphones, people’s email inboxes are more accessible than ever. There are now an array of tools that can provide your business with vital information about your customers.

  • Trackable links that can help you track the most popular newsletters.
  • Analytic data can reveal who is on the other side of the send button: your target audience!
  • Easy communication with your recipients being able to ‘reply directly with any questions.
  • Customer retention through the use of personalized subject lines to build community.

Ideas and Inspiration

Animate it!

(Credit: Pinysia Supandi) With gifs and videos, your emails come to life!

When we receive an email from a brand we like, we tend to have high expectations based on our prior experiences with the brand. Your brand identity and brand image are at stake with every piece of marketing you send out.

This is where GIFs, animated product images, and custom videos come in: they literally bring your emails to life!

Simplified Tip: Make sure that your email graphics and assets are of reasonable sizes. We want to make sure that the design you worked so hard on is able to load properly in customers’ inboxes!

Go minimal.

A weekly newsletter should not bombard your reader with brand information. Yes, it’s important to tell people what’s new with your brand, but in this case, less is more. Give them only the important details and relevant imagery to go along with it. In other words, keep it Simplified (pun intended!).

Hone in on the brand aesthetic.

This email design by Michele Sontag has perfectly made use of brand imagery to flaunt their new merchandise.

Where captions and paragraphs might be unnecessary, try different ways of graphic placement (here, cutouts with duct tape) to establish your theme in the marketing emails.




Stock photography can be useful when you are a beginner, but ultimately you want your brand to have a unique look. With personalized illustrations and iconography, your newsletters will look effortlessly professional. Not only will it make your brand stand out from the rest, but it can also serve as a great visual aid for an email campaign!

How to stay out of the spam folder!

email marketing on a computer

(Source: Burst on Pexels) A good email design can determine whether your receiver will read it or mark it as spam!

Making the distinction between a newsletter and an advertisement is key for any email marketing campaign. Remember that you are just a click away from losing a potential customer, through the Unsubscribe button!

  • Add the visually appealing items on top to get your reader hooked!
  • Incorporate CTA (call-to-action) assets for the newsletter to get your customers interacting with your brand.
  • Make it mobile-friendly since most email readers view them on the go.

Simplified Design Tip: With our collaborative feature, you and your teammates can create your email designs together in the Simplified workspace. Try using one of our templates, or you can even start from scratch!

With Simplified, you can create a one-of-a-kind email marketing campaign that takes your brand to the next level. Let’s get designing!

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