When you think of your brand, what images come to mind? Of course, the logo is key. But have you thought about what other things make up the visual dimension of your brand identity? These tools are known as your brand kit.

The brand kit is a package that establishes a uniform image to maintain the consistency of your brand’s look. This consistency is key in any branding process therefore it is used to establish a visual identity for your brand.

In this guide, we’ll go through the Simplified process of making your own brand kit!

What is a brand kit?

A brand kit is a toolbox for your brand’s visual identity. It defines how your marketing materials look across all platforms.

The four main aspects of a brand kit are: Logo, Fonts, Colors, and Graphics. These four aspects form a cohesive look that immediately identifies your brand across all platforms!

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Building your brand kit with Simplified!


First: Log in to your profile on our website.

Second: Go to Settings

Third: Click Brandkit and then ‘Add Brand Kit +’

Moving on to step 4: Rename it to your liking. For example, “Simplified Brand Kit.”

Finally, Step 5: Start creating!

  • Under ‘Logo / Images‘, you can upload your brand logo, images, or videos.
  • Within ‘Fonts‘, you can upload your most used fonts and include a custom brand typography.
  • Under ‘Colors‘, you can select your brand colors and color palettes.

Simplified Tip: When you upload a logo or image, the ‘Add Colors +’ button will automatically pick colors from the image! Isn’t that cool?!

Must haves for your brand kit!

Brand Logo / Images

(Source: YouTube Brand Guidelines)

A logo is the first and most important tool that represents your brand in an icon-sized graphic. With Simplified, your logo can be manipulated to blend appropriately with various platforms!

Providing alternative options for your brand logo can help your clients incorporate your image with theirs.

Simplified Tip: Create a database of your brand videos and images in your brand kit. They can make your brand identity come to life!

Fonts and Typography

(Source: @bradneathery on Unsplash)

Hand-drawn typography can give your brand a unique identity!

Whether there are pre-existing fonts that you frequently use or fonts that are specially designed by you, Simplified’s brand kit will house them all!

The typeface you use can alter the message you wish to convey. To maintain consistency, communicate your preferred type variations in your kit. For example, “bold or regular, but do not use italics for emphasis.”


(Source: @copperandwild on Unsplash)

  • Coca-Cola Red
  • Facebook Blue
  • McDonald’s Yellow

These are all brand colors that most people can easily recognize. Apart from being trademarked, these colors set the aesthetic tone of their companies’ vision. That said, your brand colors don’t have to be limited to the logo. Simplified makes it easy for you to find the right shades for your brand kit. You can pick colors from the images you upload or even move around the tones automatically picked for you!

Now that you know what your kit should include, you might be wondering:

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Why keep it handy while designing?

(Source: @balazsketyi on Unsplash) Before you finalize your brand kit, be aware of how authentic it is to your voice.

Misrepresentations and conflicting depictions of your brand can cause damage to the brand’s image.

Final Tip: Ask yourself, is your brand quirky and fun, or are you more dark and assertive? These moods set the consistent tone of your brand kit and shape the brand identity!

Think of your brand kit as a guidebook to speaking your brand’s language. This is why, with Simplified, this guide will be available to anyone who joins or shares your workspace!

Instead of having to ask for instructions every time, these frequently-used tools will be available at any time and in one place. Convenient and Simplified!

So what are you waiting for? Sign in and set up your brand kit today!

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