A good design goes through constant iterations and changes before the final product is realized. New ideas, feedback from team members, or last-minute errors contribute to significant changes throughout the design process. Previewing your project design makes it easier for you to decide whether or not to commit to a change. This also encourages safe exploration and playful creativity.

On Simplified, you can create stunning designs that will make an impression on your audience! In this guide, we will show you how you can preview your design easily within seconds.

Why Preview Your Project Design: Usage & Benefits

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  • Previewing gives you the opportunity to adjust the layout. Without having a preview to reference, minute mistakes can be overlooked, which may negatively impact the outcome of a design.
  • Better understanding: What is the design’s purpose? How is it organized? Is the intended message is being communicated? This pushes active thinking, sparks imagination, and reveals greater insights to help you design easily.
  • Previews allow you to see exactly how your design will look when it is exported and posted on social media or taken for print!

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Getting Started

Start by signing in to your profile on our website. If you’re a new user, sign up using your email, or you can ‘Continue with Google.

Next, choose any one of the 3 options on your dashboard. You can:

  • Use a template – Easy, ready-to-use, all-inclusive designs that save time!
  • Start from scratch – Start creating your own unique designs on a blank canvas!
  • Auto Generate – Personalized AI generated content for your brand!

How You Can Design Easily on Simplified

Now that you have the basics clear, let’s get rolling! We’ll show you how to design and preview using Simplified.

If you wish to create a project design from scratch, choose the dimensions that you want to start with. The advantage of Simplified is, you can customize and resize it anytime!

Alternatively, you can choose from a wide selection of templates specially created for each social media outlet! They can be tweaked and personalized as per your needs. Whether it’s a Pinterest post, Instagram story, Facebook cover, Zoom virtual background, or even a billboard – we’ve got you covered!

Next, go ahead and experiment with all of the design tools. Explore images, gifs, shapes, and gradient backgrounds, until you’re satisfied with your project design. On our website, you can also clone your artboards and resize them to suit all your social media platforms!

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2 Ways To Preview Your Design Easily

1. To Preview A Design From An Open Project:

Click on the ‘Eye’ icon on the top right panel final output of your project design**.** This will open a new tab, where you can see the preview of your creative.

2. Preview A Design From The Dashboard

After you login, you’ll see your dashboard with all existing project designs. Simply click on the ‘Eye’ icon present below the design you want to preview.

And that’s it!

Check out the GIF below to see just how easy it is!

Do you want to collaborate on a design with your teammates? It’s simple, create a shared workplace!

Simplified Tip: To create a shared workplace, go to Settings > My Workplace > Update Workspace Name > Invite Member > Send Invitation!

Now, you can loop in your team members and get instant feedback on collaborative designs easily!

Previewing helps you resolve any issues before exporting the project design, in order to achieve the best final result. Start previewing your designs on Simplified today!

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