Portfolios are important – no matter if you’re looking for your first design job, or want to bring in more potential clients. And since resumes aren’t quite representative of the actual design skills and services you provide, getting your work out there on portfolio websites is crucial.

Trust us, most employers and clients for freelancers make the first judgment purely based on what they see at the first glance. This is why we can’t stress enough: a good portfolio should be simple and clean, with a call-to-action that encourages viewers to click through.

To help you get your work seen by the best employers, we bring you 5 portfolio websites that will show off your design work, for free! Let’s get started!

What makes a good portfolio website?

(Source: Alitwotimes) The best portfolio websites are the ones that keep it to the point – sometimes through a minimalist web design!

The key elements of any portfolio website include the basics such as your name, images, links, and contact details. But when you’re a designer, you must also display your talents through your website. Therefore, a personal website that includes your portfolio can be great, but it can also be very expensive to build one from scratch.

Furthermore, there is the added benefit of finding like-minded individuals in an online community of designers. Share ideas, engage, support each other, and build connections – the possibilities are unlimited with what these platforms can do for any designer.

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Elements To Include In Your Portfolio

(Source: Moncho Massé) Every artist approaches their work differently; find what suits your portfolio best, and get creating!

  • Past work: Firstly, display your area of expertise i.e. personal branding, web design, illustrations, or graphic designs.
  • Case studies: Secondly, show your design process with specific projects you have done; this tells potential clients what working with you is like.
  • Client testimonials: Thirdly, focus on testimonials. This allows future clients to discover you through referrals, word-of-mouth, and the trust of colleagues in similar fields.
  • Social media links/call-to-action: Fourthly, you must including your Instagram, Twitter, and other social media handles is a must for clients and fellow designers to connect with you!

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Our Top 5 FREE Portfolio Websites

1. Behance

(Source: Behance)

Behance features a large user community of designers in UI/UX, fashion, photography, graphics, illustrations, personal branding, animation, and more! They easily secure the number one position on our list of free portfolio websites. Most companies looking to hire designers readily accept links to existing Behance profiles!

2. Dribbble

(Source: Dribbble)

If you’re a designer currently looking for a new role, have existing projects you’d like to display, or even have something that’s a work-in-progress, Dribble is your place to go! Start an account free and find a community full of creatives from animation, print, typography, web design, and so much more!



(Source: Coroflot)

Coroflot’s easy-to-use interface and wide range of categories to choose from make it an easy choice for any designer to trust. And, with their Salaries section, you never have to worry about getting underpaid ever again!

4. Portfolio

(Source: Adobe Portfolio)

Adobe Portfolio makes your dream of having your own website come true. Which means that, your free portfolio website is just a few clicks away; take advantage of Adobe’s customizable design interface, large template library, and themes!

5. Portfoliobox

(Source: Portfoliobox)

Portfoliobox offers simple, yet powerful web design tools for photographers, artists, models, musicians, architects, and even makeup artists. They host over 1,000,000 websites. Moreover, they also offer stunning themes to choose from, and easy editing tools – you name it, they have it all.

Feeling inspired?

As a graphic designer, getting your colleagues, employers, or clients on the same page as you can be a job in itself. But with Simplified‘s collaborative workspace and tons of design tools at your service, you can make real-time edits, communicate expectations, and have active participation with the team!

So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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