If there was one thing that came out of the global pandemic and staying at home, it was the rise of boho interior design on social media. Succulents, tropical leaves, indoor vines, cacti, and monstera – these gorgeous greens gave their “plant parents” a sense of wellness and a connection with nature while being asked to remain inside. But how can you utilize the power of foliage while branding for creatives?

In this blog, we’ll dissect everything you need to know about foliage – definition, places to use, and stunning examples to inspire you for your next creatives design project. So, channel your bohemian energy, and let’s begin!

What is foliage?

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In Simplified terms, foliage can be any arrangement of leaves, flowers, or branches for artistic purposes. Though chiefly used in architecture, several contemporary graphic artists have designed creatives for brands using foliage to create a more natural aesthetic.

The most common and recognizable example of foliage in design? The entire season of fall! Jack-o’-lanterns, pumpkin spice lattes, hand-lettering on coffee cup sleeves, and essentially every social media post from October through November. Additionally, the colors in the creatives designed for this month include brownsbeigegreen, and orange, reminding us of crunchy leaves, and of course, sweater weather!

A note on the ‘Psychology of Fall’

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According to psychologists, falling leaves, shorter days, and dropping temperatures paired with key fall colors can prove considerably helpful in branding for creatives because they promote a sense of happiness and well-being.

  • Brown: Stability, health, and comfort
  • Green: Growth and peace
  • Yellow: Happiness and energy
  • Orange: Fun and playfulness

Where to use foliage in branding for creatives?


(Source: Haley Harms)

Whether you’re branding for creatives of a vegan skincare company or modifying your pre-existing logo just in time for the holiday season, foliage can do it all! And with the variety of botanical options available in design creatives, you can create any desired effect with your choice of style – tropical, deciduous, desert, ivy, and so much more!

Have your Christmas sale coming up? Try using a loving mistletoe! Want to create elegant branding for your wedding stationery? How about using royal oak in gold foil?

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Patterned backgrounds

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When it comes to choosing lock screens, wallpapers, or even websites, seamless and patterned backgrounds are the way to go. And with the serenity of foliage, you can make sophisticated look effortless!

Packaging Design

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The moment our calendars turn to October, design creatives filled with the magic of foliage turn up to our doorsteps, spreading holiday cheer. From skincare brands coming up with fall-themed moisturizers to the gift cards we use to buy them with, maple leaves are everywhere!

But why just leaf it for the holidays? Foliage can be a great (and perennial) design choice while branding for creatives for your plant-based, organic, or any eco-friendly product.

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Examples of foliage in branding

1. Starbucks Cups

(Source: Blueberries & Basil)

Starbucks definitely got the design memo: seasonal drinks go perfectly with limited addition cups!

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2. Tea brands

(Source: Ramon Bosch)

Using just foliage photography, you can design creatives for your natural brands! Cheaper than graphic artworks, and the options for variations are unlimited!

(Source: Alipriya Mukherjee)

Bringing patterns and tropical foliage together, this design serves as a perfect packaging design for flavored green tea!

(Source: Tropicana)

From their colors to the addition of minimal foliage, this classic brand logo is all about being healthy!

Simplified Design Tip

Did you know with your Simplified workspace, your branding for creatives can effortlessly include stunning foliage iconography? Go to VisualsAll IconsNature / Ecology and Environment / Farming and Gardening. Moreover, you can use the search option to explore for your next custom creatives design.

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