Looking For A Career In Branding? Here’s All You Need To Know

As someone looking for a career in branding, you might not be aware of all the branding jobs you can get. We at Simplified have created a list of different roles available, average salaries and some of the commonly asked interview questions for you.

1. Brand Manager

If you’ve had a colorful career in branding, applying for a brand manager role is the next step. A brand manager shapes how consumers perceive the company. As a brand manager your key responsibility is to analyze the company’s position in the market through consumer insights. You will also be responsible to build the company’s mission and vision. Not just that, you will also work with the marketing and product team to translate brand elements into plans and GTM strategy.

Commonly Asked Interview Questions

  1. How would you describe your own personal brand?
  2. Describe a well-marketed product. What do you think is working for this product?
  3. How would you learn about a new brand during the first week?
  4. As a brand manager, what are the important metrics to track according to you?

Average package

According to LinkedIn’s data, the median salary for Senior Brand Managers is $140,000 annually, ranging from $83,000 to $189,000.

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2. Assistant Brand Manager

If you’re looking to progress your career in branding but lack some experience, try applying for an assistant brand manager job. Your responsibilities would include following marketing trends and presenting creative ideas to increase brand growth. Not only that, you will also develop strategies to include sales. An analytical, result-oriented approach is essential for this role.

Commonly Asked Interview Questions

  1. Are some brands so strong that they don’t need branding? Why or why not?
  2. What marketing techniques would you use to reach a specific segment of customers (e.g. a younger audience)?
  3. What do you think are the strong and weak points of our brand compared to our competitors?
  4. Describe the most challenging project you’ve worked on so far. What made it difficult and how did you deal with it?

Average Package

The base salary for Assistant Brand Manager ranges from $52,261 to $66,490 with the average base salary of $58,704.

3. Brand Strategist

As a brand strategist, you will be the mediator between the customers, the marketing team, and the creative team. You will gather feedback from the sales team, analyze consumer behaviour and co-ordinate with the creative team to get marketing deliverables. You will also work on defining a value proposition and crafting the company’s differentiation strategy.

Commonly Asked Interview Questions

  1. How do you keep a track of market trends?
  2. How do you react when a client disagrees with your recommendations?
  3. Tell us an instance when you used consumer insights to form strategy.

Average Package

Source: ZipRecruiter

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4. Product Marketing Manager

This isn’t a career in branding per se, but it’s a great role if you’re product or tech oriented. Your responsibilities as a Product Marketing Manager would entail studying the company’s products and their benefit for users. You would build product focused marketing strategies (pricing, advertising, and product launch) and plans. Furthermore, you would collaborate with design, acquisition and other team to showcase the product to your target audience.

Commonly Asked Interview Questions

  1. We are releasing X feature in our product. What channels would you choose to advertise it? Why?
  2. What is one product that you know is marketed poorly? How would you market it?
  3. Have you participated in a product marketing campaign that failed? What went wrong and what did you learn from it?
  4. How do you ensure that the sales team presents the product in the best way to engage customers?

Average Package

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for a product marketing manager in the United States is $105,890. The average hourly wage for a product marketing manager is approximately $50.90.

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5. Product Manager

Project manager roles are increasingly coveted positions where you work closely with the design team to bring the product roadmap to fruition. Your role entails creating a buy-in for the product with internal teams and external partners. Your role also involves understanding of customer experience, identifying and filling product gaps, and generating new ideas that grow market share.

Commonly Asked Interview Questions

  1. Walk us through your process for designing product features.
  2. Describe a commercially successful product that you like. What do you think makes it so successful?
  3. You’re about to launch your SaaS product. How do you get feedback for it?
  4. Describe a time when engineers opposed your decision. What was the issue? Defend their point of view.

Average Package

According to salary sites like Glassdoor and Payscale, typical salaries among product managers can range anywhere from $63,000 to over $200,000.

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