Building a brand is about more than just the services you provide, it’s about offering a visual story for the consumer to experience. This experience is also known as the vibe of your brand. Curating a brand aesthetic helps you determine your brand’s vibe and what story you are telling!

Wedding planners and interior decorators have been using this technique for decades, through scrapbooks and glue. But how do we use this digitally? With the magic of mood boards!

Here’s our Simplified guide to building a mood board for your brand aesthetic!

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What should my mood board have?

The purpose of your mood board is to make people understand your brand vision and feel something. Your mood board should convey your brand aesthetic through the power of visual storytelling. We can achieve this by focusing on three main aspects of the mood board:

  1. Colors
  2. Images
  3. Text
moodboard example-setting your brand aesthetic

The mood board above depicts how a combination of colors, images, and text can translate your vision into something palpable. This collection of ideas come together in a brand aesthetic that generates a specific mood.

Let’s break down the three components of your brand aesthetic mood board!

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1. Colors

color palette-choose your brand aesthetic

If you do not have a brand logo already, think of your ideal brand aesthetic; what colors come to mind?

  • Is your vibe playful and fun? Bright colors like neon yellow and teal may be a great choice to convey that!
  • Going for a relaxed, chill vibe? Try natural earth tones, such as light beige and brown.
  • Do you already have an existing brand logo? Choose colors from your existing color palette for the brand aesthetic mood board.

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2. Images

Photographs and other graphic designs are great tools to display your imagination on paper. Try curating an album of your own! One cool trick is to search your brand colors followed by the word “aesthetic” on Pinterest. You’ll be amazed at the number of options it will bring up!

Simplified Tip: Check out the Images tab on our workspace! We have thousands of copyright-free graphics to use for your brand aesthetic mood board!

options for setting up your brand colors

3. Text

Colors and images are crucial facets of a brand aesthetic mood board, but the use of text is also very important for communicating your vision. It helps people understand exactly what your goals for the brand are, by using specific words and fonts that explicitly define it.

Try using:

  • Interesting fonts
  • Quotes
  • Newspaper or magazine clippings

Simplified Tip: Try using a thesaurus to look up adjectives that best describe your brand. Are you fun and vibrant? Or are you simple and sophisticated? These words will be the theme of your brand aesthetic!

coffee on printed cards-build your brand aesthetic

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Bringing it all together!

Behance example of a mood board
(Source: Harmonais Visual on Behance)

What you include in the final mood board is completely up to you. But figuring out what goes where can be somewhat challenging.


  • Have a wide variety of options! Only using images or only using words can make your mood board monotonous and lackluster.
  • Be authentic with your choices! Whenever you add something to your mood board, ask yourself if it truly represents what you want your brand to be.

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Et voilà! You have your very own mood board!

You can show off your mood board to colleagues for a product launch, a recruit during an interview, a potential client, or a designer you wish to hire!

Not only will this be a professional way to have them understand your ideas better, but it can be a crucial first step in building your brand identity through design.

Let us help you build your mood board today! One Free app to design, collaborate, and scale your work – try Simplified today.

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