One of the most effective traffic sources in the digital world is content marketing. While it may seem like an easy task to write your own blog posts and articles, it can be extremely difficult if you don’t have the right tools. That’s where AI copywriting tools come into play. They let you create high-quality content without actually having to do all of the work by hand! In this guide, we’ll compare the features of vs. Peppertype.AI for you to decide which AI writer will best help you and your business!

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In the table above, we’ve compiled a rough checklist for you to gauge these AI copywriting tools at a quick glance. Next, let’s dive deeper into exploring the usability, collaborative features, and templates offered by Simplified vs. Pepprtype.AI.

Usability: Which AI Copywriting Platform Offers the Best UI/UX?

Peppertype.AI has a pleasing interface comprised of solid whites and blues for optimal readability and navigation. However, Simplified’s UX is more modern with yellow buttons on a black background for enhanced text visibility, which makes important buttons hard to miss. Beyond this, you’ll discover two more features that give Simplified’s UX an edge over other AI content generators:

  • First, it’s organized into well-defined categories for specific AI templates, so finding and navigating the app is as simple as one, two, three.
  • Secondly, with Simplified you will soon be able to switch between dark and light modes based on your preference… because who runs the show? You do!

Organization: How Well Can you Manage your Workflow?

With both AI copywriting platforms, you have the power to create different projects and save your AI-generated copies in project folders. Peppertype.AI allows its users to save copies and access them from the top of their dashboard. Similarly, once Simplified’s AI Assistant has finished generating the copy for your project, you can add a star beside it to mark it as one of your favorites! This will help you keep track of all the content you created and make things easier when it comes time to create more. The chief difference between the two AI writers is that with Simplified, all of your work, including templates and favorites, is accessible through the menu on the left side of the screen. This makes it that much ‘simpler’ to begin from scratch or edit a previously generated copy.

Whether you’re creating motivational quotes for Instagram, Facebook feed ads, or even blog posts, in Simplified, your work is organized and fully searchable.

Pricing: Which AI Content Generator is More Affordable?

The answer to this question is self-evident – Simplified! Although Peppertype.AI offers new users 10,000 words to test the platform’s features, Simplified has a free forever plan! Simply put, you can generate endless copies on Simplified for free to grow your business, but you also have the option of leveling up to get more features by paying just a little bit more.

Both AI copywriting platforms offer businesses an enterprise plan, although you’ll find that Simplified is still more cost-effective and affordable.

Let’s look at how Simplified’s and Peppertype.AI’s pricing plans compare side-by-side:

Free Forever Plan

Simplified’s Free Forever Plan is for everyone!

Small Teams

Starting at $25 per month

PackagesSimplified’s PricingPeppertype.AI PricingWhat’s the difference?
Free Forever Plan$0 Free Of CostN/ASimplified’s Free-forever plan is for everyone!
Small Teams$10/Month
$300 Billed Yearly
Simplified’s plan for small teams offers a concession if you buy the yearly plan. Although Peppertype.AI too offers a concession for their yearly subscription, Simplified is still much more affordable in comparison.
Businesses$30/Month Yearly:$24/Month$199/Month $1,980 Billed YearlySimplified caters to each person and has plans for everyone and for every business stage.
EnterpriseTalk to us for the best plan for your enterprise!Custom & Billed YearlySimplified offers a custom plan designed for your company’s needs. Get in touch today!

From the table above you can see that the pricing plans offered by Peppertype.AI are much more expensive than those offered by Simplified. Simplified’s pricing plans are thought through carefully and include a lot of pros. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small company, corporation, or using Simplified for personal use, there’s a fair pricing option for you!

Collaboration: Is It Good for Teams?

Peppertype.AI allows the function of sharing the links to your AI-generated copies with your team members. However, there are no designated workspaces for teams and it is not yet possible to add your team members to a shared workspace.

On the other hand, Simplified was built by and for teams. The best part about Simplified is how seamless it is connecting multiple people remotely together within Google AdWords or even other digital programs. This gives you the ability to collaborate with your team whenever you need without interrupting the flow of your work!

For example, if you plan to start a Google Ad campaign you can simply invite your ad partner into the same document. They will then be able to see everything that you’ve created in their own personal workspace. You can also give them comments and suggestions so they know what they need to do to help you out.

AI Copywriting Templates

First off, what exactly are AI copywriting templates? Simply put, these AI-powered templates assist you with generating copy for your products and services so that you can easily promote your brand. These templates can include Instagram posts, LinkedIn ads, or any other content you write on a consistent basis.

While both Simplified and Peppertype.AI help you ideate, inspire, and create your content by analyzing what’s popular, there are some notable differences in both:

  • Changing tones: Peppertype.AI can prove to be limiting when choosing the tone of your copy. Basically, on Peppertype.AI, you’ll see that changing tones on your templates is only possible for certain copies. And this option is also hidden in “Advanced Options.” While on Simplified, you can use literally any tone you want for any type of copy! From friendly and easy to eager and professional – you are the boss and in control of the tone of voice of your copy!
  • Intuitiveness: Peppertype.AI requires you to manually enter details of your business, which adds extra steps to AI content generation. Simplified is designed to make content creation easier for you and your team. Just type in your company’s URL and Simplified’s AI assistant will pull all the data from the link while you sit back and wait for the AI tool to do its magic!
  • Simplified’s Uses Unique Templates You Won’t Find on Peppertype.AI: Using a custom hashtag helps you connect to your target audience! When others see your unique hashtag, they can click on it to learn more about your product or brand. Simplified allows you to generate hashtags for your business, Instagram copies based on your feelings, how to explain concepts to a three-year-old, and brand awareness taglines to hook your online viewers!

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