One reason Instagram is so popular is that it lets brands and people tell their stories through videos and pictures. Your followers get to see what you see! Engagement on Instagram is the highest it’s ever been right now, so your business should be stashing up on Instagram post ideas. Here are a few stats to prove it:

  • Instagram now has more than 1 billion monthly users, and 300 million+ accounts use Instagram Stories every day.
  • Instagram Posts with a location get 79% more engagement on Instagram.
  • Over 70% of Instagram Stories are watched with the sound on (which is vastly different from Facebook, where most videos are viewed with the sound switched off).
  • 75% of Instagram users take action after visiting Instagram Posts.
  • Instagram users are 70% more likely to make mobile purchases.

If you’re new to the app, or have been on it for a while and still don’t know what to post on Instagram, don’t worry! We have a bunch of trendy Instagram post ideas that will help you step up your game and get your followers hearting you today. Using these tricks will help you rake in the followers and keep them engaged. We’ve always got you covered.

Top trendy Instagram post ideas


First things first, take the pressure off. When you’re out of Instagram post ideas, share some wisdom from others who’ve gone before you through a simple quote. Quotes get some of the strongest engagement on Instagram! You can post it with a photo and share it in a caption, create a quote template with your brand fonts and colors, or write it in your handwriting. Make sure you include your handle or website’s URL at the bottom, so when people share your content, viewers will know where it came from.

2. Product features

Let your product do the talking! It’s perfectly okay to focus on your products and highlight them – just don’t overdo it. It’s best to highlight the value the product brings to your audience. Tell them what’s in it for them. Just make sure you have great photos and videos to use in your Instagram posts!

You can even take advantage of user-generated content (UGC), which taps into the influential power of other people’s actions and opinions. Encourage your followers to send you photos and videos to share in your Instagram posts, like fashion brand ASOS.

3. Memes are taking over

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Memes and similar graphics are a great way to lighten up your feed and make your followers smile as they’re scrolling through Instagram. They are the most popular Instagram post idea at the moment. In the last year or so, brands and businesses have started jumping on the meme bandwagon, breaking away from the highly curated feeds of 2018 to create something a little more authentic and a lot more fun.

Memes are one of our top Instagram post ideas as they are super relatable, relevant, and highly shareable, so they’re perfect for increasing engagement and even driving product interest.

4. Make a content series

If you’re struggling to decide what to post on Instagram every day, create a recurring content series or have an overarching theme to fall back on in case you get stuck.

For example, on Simplified’s Instagram account, we often share inspirational posts on design and the best ways to use our app.

And we regularly share information about our AI tools and design features using this format.

By having a recognizable theme on your page, you will build a stronger connection with your audience while improving their brand recall.

5. Giveaways and Contests

Here’s an Instagram post idea we all love. Gamifying your content is a clever way to yield results. Simply put, we can’t resist a contest!

And contests are always a great way to create a buzz and generate some engagement with your posts. By running a giveaway, you will grow your audience and get more eyeballs on your products and services.

Tip: Make the prize super relevant to your audience. That way, you will attract the right kind of entries (and leads) to your contest. It also pays to set very clear guidelines or rules for your contest.

6. Share fun reels or videos

You probably already know that video content is the undefeated king of social media, and IG Reels are Instagram’s “shiny new toy”. The feature was launched in direct competition with TikTok, and Instagram is making sure they promote it to as many people as they can. This gives brands and businesses every opportunity to ride this wave and make the most of Instagram Reels for business. At this point, they’re a straight-up growth hack for your business and the best way to tap into Instagram’s algorithm. So, don’t sleep on this feature. Cisco recently declared that, by 2022, video content will dominate all online content by 82%.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri says that Reels is now the fastest-growing surface in the app, which presents a major potential for reach and growth.

Here are a few trendy Instagram post ideas for reels and videos:

  • You can use reels to introduce yourself, your brand, and your team, and to tell your brand story. Instagram is teeming with brands. So, what makes yours unique? If you’re solving a problem within an industry, you’ve created something completely original, or you have a brand aesthetic that is completely on-trend right now, this is your chance to show it off.

Tip: Grab attention early. Use your logo in the first 3 seconds of your video so people can see your brand, even if they don’t watch your video.

  • Take your audience behind the scenes. Keep your followers up to date with what’s happening by giving them a peek at what you’re up to. This is especially effective when you’re working on a new product or service launch.
  • Use challenges to showcase your products.

Louis Vuitton has cracked the best way to use Reels. They get an average of a whopping 4 million views per reel! Did you see their popular phone-dropping videos?

  • Customize trendy Instagram post ideas to your advantage. This is a great way to post relatable content with minimal effort. E.g., ASMR, or the autonomous sensory meridian response, has taken over the internet recently, and L’Oreal Paris knew exactly how to ride that wave.

What’s left now is to start planning your Instagram calendar and creating content based on all these trendy Instagram post ideas. We understand that it can get overwhelming trying to keep up with the latest trends – and that’s whether you’re new to content creation or not. So, we have a whole bunch of free, pre-made templates for you to use to help you optimize your Instagram marketing strategy.

One Free app to design, collaborate, and scale your work – try Simplified today.

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