Good storytelling has to ability to evoke powerful emotions, which is why it is so useful in business. When your product design moves your audience emotionally, they become more eager to learn why your product is worth buying. Everyone loves a good story!

Storytelling brings in a new dimension by creating an interactive and engaging experience for the audience. You will able to design better products by learning what stories your audience responds to!

Here’s how good storytelling can help you create great product designs!

It creates an emotional connection.

Have you ever noticed the way families and communities bond through storytelling? Why is that? The reason is plain and simple – it is one of the easiest ways to emotionally connect to one another! The same is true for the way you market your business to your target audience. It is a common misconception that users choose brands based on logic and data. The truth is, consumers consider their feelings first, before making any purchase. A product design that tells a story is much more likely to get your audience’s attention.

It replicates the user experience.

A design backed by good storytelling in a product design pushes your business to start thinking from the user’s perspective at every single stage of product development. This helps designers make decisions based on how the users will experience and enjoy the product. One brand that has nailed the use of storytelling in its product design is Nike. Nike does not just sell shoes, accessories, and apparel but inspiration! This has led Nike to be one of the leading global brands.

It allows you to spot problems sooner.

Stories add a time dimension and allow you to rectify these mistakes in the earlier stages. Hence, stories are capable of highlighting any mistakes which are often missed while reviewing designs just like a bunch of sheets.. Any dead-ends can be detected quickly and corrected accordingly and this results in a better product design along with better usability and customer experience. Good storytelling allows you to create a product with amazing functionality as well as excellent user engagement.

Provides clarity on the design goals.

Beginning the process of the product design by stories allows the entire team of designers to be on the same page and set goals on how the final design should be created. This is extremely helpful when the design is finally created with good storytelling and it can be reviewed as per the set goals that makes way for easy rectification of discrepancies if any. A product design can be created with a structured set of goals in mind that is in line with the storytelling to ensure consistency.

Speeds up the process of product creation.

Stories are not only used in product design but also in the other stages of product creation. You can use the mocks of your stories to create a clickable prototype to study customer behavior. This will help you understand if your users can connect to your story or if you need to craft it differently.

The stories can also be used to create a funnel analysis which will help you understand if the users are interested in your product. If not, you can make the required changes and create a product suitable to your consumer needs. Thus, good storytelling helps you to design a great product easily without compromising on the needs of your customers.

What are you waiting for? Craft a story that depicts your product as a hero and grab the attention of your audience. It will be difficult for them to let go of you when you have powerful storytelling alongside an outstanding product. It is time to get creative and show your audience the value of your products.

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