Introducing Color Trends 2021 by Simplified. Met Gala, New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week – how does this relate to graphic design and social media marketing? The common denominator is the language of color that is used to attract eyeballs, hold attention, and retain customers. Design, whether in fashion or graphics, uses color to communicate with their audiences visually. In need of some color inspo for your next campaign? You’ve arrived at your destination!

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Do you have a favorite color? Do you associate some colors with specific emotions? This is because color is one of the most important elements in the design – if not the most. Color gives meaning to your design, which communicates your brand to your audience. color also determines how your audience relates to your brand.

Do you want your audience to feel rested while they browse through your essential oil catalog? Do you want them to BUY NOW from an ongoing sale?

Say it all – and so much more with color trends 2021!

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First, it’s important to recognize that trending colors for 2021 are trending for a reason – they impact your audience physically when placed in a specific context.

Just like the color-conscious industries take inspiration from one another— from fashion to photography to online graphic designing, similarly, using trending colors for 2021 will echo with already successful campaigns. These echoes then create visual pathways in your audience’s minds, and they are then able to connect deeply and make decisions.

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Now, let’s get to the headliner of this show – Color Trends 2021, brought to you by Simplified!

1. PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating

First, let’s look to the color expert in the visual world – Pantone, for their color of the year 2021. Pantone is the leading expert for inspiration across every color-conscious industry from textiles to graphic design. When we talk about color trends in 2021, it’s important to listen to the expert color institute because over 10 million designers worldwide are heeding their advice!

Color Tips: Use this gorgeous 2021 color palette for banners, logos, and landing page copy! The aspirational balance of the warmth of yellow paired with the muted solid of gray evokes emotions of stability and vibrancy.

Source: WWD

Illuminating yellow seen at New York and London Fashion Weeks and on Sienna Miller at the Golden Globes in 2020.

Ultimate Gray seen at New York Fashion Week and on Ariana Grande at the Grammy Awards in 2020.

2. Set Sail Champagne #FAEBD7

Second on our list of trending colors for 2021 is #FAEBD7, which is already everywhere around us, from soft wooden chairs to historic buildings. This beautiful, neutral earthy palette is a part of Shutterstock’s predicted color trends 2021. The color is steeped in optimism and balances the chaos of 2020 with a grounding and soothing shade. Set Sail Champagne invites us to reset, relax, and restore our balance with nature.

Color Tips: Use this neutral and bright color for infographics, brand logos, website landing pages, and as a calming substitute for gray, black, or white text.

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3. Rhodonite #302C4D

Pantone has hit another home run in its color trends 2021 predictions. Rhodonite is a harmonious blue-based purple that is associated with a vivifying pop of color balanced with a deep sense of relaxation. Read on to find out how to use this as a part of the trending colors of 2021.

Rhodonite seen on Timothée Chalamet and Olivia Colman at the Oscars and at Paris Fashion Week in 2020.

The color is a nod towards regal shades, flattering silhouettes in fashion, and crisp lines and bold shapes in design.

Color Tips: Use Rhodonite for marketing campaigns, Instagram story ads, and headlines for your blogs.

4. Mykonos Blue #045E88

This segment of color trends 2021 makes us swoon with its imagery of calming waves at the beach, juicy blueberries, and brilliant blue skies. We wouldn’t mind going down into a Pinterest rabbit-hole with Pantone’s Mykonos Blue, wondering how to use this as part of your 2021 color palette?

Color Tips: Use Mykonos Blue paired with a stark white for maximum text visibility for headings, sub-headings, tag lines, and landing page text! Mykonos Blue will also look yummy balanced with Illuminating for lively marketing campaigns.

Source: AMB3R

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5. Root Beer #714C44

We love Pantone’s Root Beer for color trends 2021 for two reasons – first, if Lizzo is wearing it, we must try it too. Second, what’s not to love about brown leather trench coats for fall 2021? Root Beer is a powerful rendition of the regular brown. The color is beautiful for its imagery of soil and rain and the connection to elements fo the earth. We’re returning to nature.

Color Tips: Use Root Beet to emphasize natural and cruelty-free products, brands promoting sustainability, and make powerful ad headlines text paired with a solid color like white.

Root Beer seen on Lizzo at the Brit Awards, Lupita Nyong’o at the Critics’ Choice Awards and at Paris Fashion Week in 2020.

6. Fuchsia Fedora #CA4286

We have two things to say about Fuchsia Fedora – Lil Nas X and New York Fashion Week. Ring any bells yet? This shade is all sorts of uplifting, sitting between the sweet spot of pink and purple. The color is another nod to mother nature, but we also love the color for its evocation of boldness in design.

Color Tips: Use this color to signal strength and femininity. This shade will work wonders for campaigns advertising feminine hygiene products. For social media, Fuchsia Fedora can be paired with bold black and white text colors to make every word pop!

Fuchsia Fedora seen on Lil Nas X at the Grammy Awards in 2020.

7. Fire Whirl #A73730

It’s Pantone’s world and we’re all just living in it. We’re ending strong with Fire Whirl – a brilliant version of the traditional fiery red adopted by the likes of designer Carolina Herrera for the NYFW 2021. When we talk about color trends 2021, this color should be on your 2021 color palette radar. Fire Whirl is a bright, rusty red filled with optimism and a touch of the fall 2021 air!

Color Tips: Use this brilliant red for your brand’s ongoing sales and promotions, to market-finding love, and to build a deep sense of intimacy with your audience. What’s says love better than red?

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We’ve given you the low down on all the trending colors for 2021. Are you ready to start creating magic with these colors for free?

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