Why do people turn to specific names when it comes to products, like Coca-Cola or Pepsi for soda, Apple and Samsungfor phones, and Nike or Adidas for shoes? It’s nothing but the magic of Branding.

Among thousands of competitors offering the exact thing as your brand, product branding is the thing that makes you stand out. With the power of a good logo, packaging, design, imagery, and brand message, your product can get people to stop and notice.

All that said, we know it’s not as easy as it may seem. There is a lot that goes into building a product brand, and we’re here to break it down for you- to make it *Simplified*!

#1: Building from the ground up – Vision

(Source: Boxed Water is Better) Dedicated to sustainability, boxed-water branding is done right with nature-based imagery!

You may have a clear idea about what your brand identity is and what your goals are. But, product branding requires you to take it a step further by encapsulating your brand vision in the product you put out.

  • Who is our target audience?
  • What message speaks to them?
  • What needs do they have right now?
  • And, how can I make a difference in their lives?

Answering these questions is the first step in the process of defining what your product branding strategy will be like. Make sure to tap into what makes your product unique, to guide you through this process.

#2: Bringing your imagination to life – Design

(Credit: Kirill Zaytsev) With a brand identity of affordable and inclusive skincare, Moody makes use of a colorful product branding!

An effective product and package design can only be achieved if you focus on the key elements of your brand identity. ‘Dark and mysterious’ or ‘colorful and quirky’- your visual choices determine what customers will connect to your product design.

  • Color Palettes: Follow your gut, but also your brand guidelines when making color choices!
  • Typography: Your brand voice may lose its power if your font isn’t well presented!
  • Graphics and Images: When it comes to buyers, people do judge their product by its cover! If your graphic game is off, there’s a high chance that your product may go unnoticed on the shelves.

#3: Being always on-brand – Consistency

(Credit: Ceren Yavuz) Consistency in product branding is all about how all your products represent a uniform brand message

Your goal with a consistent brand image is to make sure that your products, including your package labeling structure, are recognizable. No matter what color you tweak according to the theme of a variant, your logo is the absolute key to product branding**.**

A good example of product branding: Coca Cola Red – a color that is trademarked along with their logo typography and even their glass bottle shape!

Colors matter when it comes to marketing. Choosing brand colors wisely can impact how people perceive your brand. In fact, using a signature color can increase brand recognition by 80 percent – Reboot, 2018

Moreover, why just the packaging? Bring this consistency even when you engage with your audience through other means, like your brand website and social media accounts.


(Credit: Fuerst Wiacek Brewery) Beyond a simple logo: let your product packaging tell a story through graphics!

Let’s face it, when you go out to look for a particular type of product, there are more than enough options to fit one store. And no matter how good yours is, it’s very likely that a customer will end up opting for something better looking or something they trust.

With the above three key points in mind, you can nail both of these possibilities – all while building a loyal customer base!

Simplified Tip: Done with your branding? Now try adding your brand kit on your workspace and design your social media assets in just minutes!

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