Did you know Amazon’s share of the US eCommerce market is 45%? Moreover, Amazon brought in $125.6 billion in sales revenue in the fourth quarter of 2020. Every hour, new sellers join the Amazon marketplace to get their products listed in hopes of making big sales. But, turning your listings into sales is difficult. So, today we’re going to discuss how to optimize your product listings and how copy AI tools can help you with your Amazon copywriting.

But first, let’s discuss what Amazon copywriting is, the benefits of having a crisp Amazon product listing, and some key terms for sellers.

What is Amazon Copywriting?


Amazon copywriting is the text you use on your product listings that appear on the Amazon marketplace. These include product descriptions, image captions, and your responses to customer questions.

As of January 2021, Amazon has 6.3 million sellers worldwide. In addition, 81 new sellers join Amazon every hour. Therefore, your copywriting is crucial in winning over customers on Amazon’s competitive marketplace. If your copywriting isn’t concise, structured, and persuasive, you’re losing out on potential sales and revenue.

So, let’s discuss how copy AI tools can help you generate this text in minutes and optimize your product listings.

Amazon Copywriting: Why is it important?

Having optimized copywriting for your product listing will boost traffic to your products and help you convert more sales. Moreover, keyword optimization and relevancy, detailed descriptions, and bulleted content in your Amazon copywriting are proven ways to increase organic traffic to your listings.

First Step to Optimizing Amazon Product Listings

Here are a few key terms sellers need to know in order to start optimizing their product listings:

Professional SellerAmazon has two types of sellers: individual and professional. Professional sellers must sell more than 40 products/month. To that end, these accounts have access to the full suite of Amazon selling features.
1P and 3PA first-party (1P) vendor sells its products to Amazon. A third-party (3P) vendor lists its products on Amazon to be sold directly to the customers.
Seller CentralSeller central is the platform where 3P sellers manage their Amazon account, Amazon product listings, inventory, copy, and communication with buyers.
CTRClick-through-rate (CTR) is the percentage of people who clicked your Amazon product listing through an ad versus how many impressions the ad received. (This data is only available to professional sellers.)
Conversion RateConversion rate is the number of successful purchases out of the number of people that clicked on your Amazon product listing.

There are two more things you need to know before you begin with your copywriting.

A9 Algorithm

Amazon’s ranking algorithm is crucial to optimizing your Amazon copywriting. Furthermore, it is the system that decides the best product recommendations for a customer’s search query. In fact, there are three key Amazon ranking signals:

  • Your overall sales performance
  • Relevance of the keywords in your copywriting to the customer’s search query
  • Price and availability of your products

The Buy Box

The highlighted part of the image is known as the Buy Box. Here, customers are given the option to “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now.” The seller these buttons are connected to is awarded to the one who provides the best overall value to the customer. So, you need to continuously earn and win the Buy Box if you consistently want to drive sales on Amazon.

Tips to improve your copywriting

#1 Perform Keyword Research

Before you begin copywriting, it’s important to know what keywords customers use to search for products like yours. These search terms are instrumental in appealing to Amazon’s algorithm

#2 Optimize Amazon Product Title

The title plays a key role in your Amazon product listing. It usually has a 200-character limit (depending on the product category). Further, for mobiles, Amazon recommends an 80-character title. You must also add your relevant keywords to the title to get ahead of the competition.

A strong product title includes:

  • Brand Name
  • Product Name
  • Product Benefits
  • Special Ingredients
  • Technology Keywords, Make or Model
  • USPs
  • Variations (Colors or Sizes)

#3 Add Detailed Bullet Points

The bullet point section is a great space to highlight the benefits and functions of your product. Each bullet point can have up to 500 characters. For example, Where was the product made? What problems does it solve? How does it solve them? These are some of the questions you can answer in your copy.

#4 HTML/Product Description and A+ Content (for Brand Sellers only)

This section lets you customize your copywriting and add extraneous details apart from your key bullet points. The A+ section is a great way to use imagery, videos, and supporting copy to showcase your product. Moreover, you can display ‘hero ingredients’ and your brand story here.

Keeping all of this in check can be quite tedious. That’s why Simplified has a free copy AI tool that churns out highly engaging content and handles all your Amazon copywriting needs.

How to Use Simplified’s (Free) Amazon Copywriting AI Tool

Simplfied’s AI assistant has multiple tools in its arsenal to help eCommerce marketers. To get started, head to Simplified’s copy AI tool. Select the eCommerce category. Here, you’ll find both the tools.

AI Tool For Amazon Copywriting: Product Listing

This product description generator helps you attract buyers with copy AI product descriptions.

This product description generator, built on GTP-3, helps you attract buyers with engaging product descriptions. We tried creating some product descriptions and we were impressed!

All you need to do is provide your product name and the features you want to be highlighted. Click on ‘Generate Now’ and behold!

If you’re not happy with the copywriting results, you can click on ‘Generate More.’ You can also ‘Favorite’ the results you like most.

AI Tool for Amazon Copywriting: Review Responder

This copywriting tool helps you generate replies to your customers, which is extremely important real estate when it comes to Amazon copywriting. All you have to do is type in your Product Name and copy & paste your customer’s review. Then, Simplified’s AI copywriting tool does the rest.

Simplified Let’s you do it all in one place. Learn how to use all our AI & design features on Simplified Academy:

With the right words and strategies, you can optimize your copywriting to increase sales. We hope this blog gave you the head start you need.

One Free app to design, collaborate, and scale your work – try Simplified today.

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