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Get a powerful sentence expander for free

Content rewriting tools are a marketing game-changer. Simplified’s AI content rewriter can instantly swap out your existing copy with new, engaging copy. You can even switch up your tone with the content rewriter tool to go from humorous to serious in seconds.

sentence expander

Expand a sentence or an essay. Fast.

Good writing requires you to create and expand on ideas. If you're having trouble getting inspired or coming up with ideas, use Simplified’s AI tool to expand a sentence and get those creative juices flowing.

Write longer copy with the Sentence Expander

Sometimes doing less is more, and the Simplified AI Assistant helps you do just the right amount. Just drop in the sentence, paragraph, or article you want to expand and click Generate Now. Ta-da! Fresh, new content in seconds.

get a powerful sentence expander for free
expand a sentence or an essay fast

Write fresh AI copy, collaborate with your team

Save your expanded sentences, organize your work in folders, and collaborate in real-time so everyone can generate on-brand, on-target copy. This way, your customers see consistent messaging from your business—no matter who is creating the content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where on your site can I access the Sentence Expander Tool?
Right here! When you log in to the free Simplified website (you heard that right... free), head on over to the AI Assistant. When AI asks you what you want to work on, just click "Sentence Expander."
What types of sentences can I expand in the generator?
You can use this copy AI tool to expand anything. Thoughts, taglines, phrases, or rough ideas. The options are endless!
Who can use the Sentence Expander tool?
Simplified's AI Assistant is free forever— for everyone. The sentence expander tool can help you overcome writer's block or just revamp short sentences into longer, more engaging ones.
How quickly can I get customer support?
Send us an email and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. We'd love to hear from you!

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What People Say

steve dries

Verified user

Thought it was Christmas

Well to quickly sum up if you are into design, social media advertising, writing blogs and so much more this program is for you. I am honestly stunned as to what it offers, too much to list here. Its great.

Oct 20, 2021

Iliana Veltcheva

Marketing Consultant

Simplified offers one of the best cloud-based graphic editors I've ever used. As a complete non-artist (I dare say that's most of us out there), I need a template library, which Simplified has, AND an interface & features combo that's powerful Read more...

Nelsy Mtsweni

Marketing Consultant

I am in awe of your site!!! It is the best and has got everything I need to help me in my marketing agency! This is all impressive. I am glad this app exists. And I am positive it will improve many businesses and people's life's and livelihoods in general. Thank you for your hard-work.

Sandeep Raut

Verified user

Fabulous work done by Loki - Simplified AI writer

I have purchased aboThe AI Writer - Loki is the best. I tested did test various AI copywriters in the market and then zeroed down on Simplified - Loki the AI copywriter. It covers almost all the objectives anyone Read more...

Oct 20, 2021


Deals Bought: 114

appsumo review

Finally! All my content creation in one place

I always wanted a software like this for my content creation. I was using several different softwares, but now I don't have to go from one to another all the times. This is great. # I recommend it to anyone who needs help with their content creation

Nov. 19, 2021, 10:15 a.m.

Meghana L

Simplified is simply fantastic. I recommend this for content writing and marketing.

Simplified is simply fantastic. It is so easy to use and has most of the features a writer or marketer would ever need.

Nov 22, 2021