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Learn how to rotate elements on an artboard

Some elements of your design just look better at different angles. Rotating elements of text, image, or shapes help to change the perspective of the whole design!

Simplified has made it easy to play around with the elements of your design and experiment with simple rotations. What’s more? There are 2 ways to rotate elements on Simplified!


Follow these simple steps to make your designs more visually appealing:

Step 1: Select the element you want to rotate for interesting placements!


Step 2: From the top menu, click on the arrow at the right-most corner, “More”.


Step 3: From the expanded menu on your right, click on “Style”.


Step 4: Enter the angle at which you want the element placed. For instance, we want the Simplified typeface aligned with the icon. Therefore, we’ve entered 360 in the box next to the scale.

TIP: Not sure about the angle? Slide the yellow bar under “Rotate Angle” to keep experimenting!


Want to speed up the process of rotating elements? We got you! No need to expand menus or slide the yellow bar!

Step 1: Click on the element that you want to rotate.


Step 2: Use the rotating lever – it’s the white button sticking upwards. Long press and hold. Now move the element until you’re satisfied with the placement!


Voilà! Doesn’t the design look so much sleeker now? Rotating elements on your artboard is an important design tool to keep your design interesting!

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